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Bitches want power.
Queens want refinement.
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Germany: the country where the "Freibadsaison" ends _exactly_ when children go to school again by September 11th. No matter if it has 30 degrees and summer sunshine or not afterwards. Haha, this shit is incredible.
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Wollte mir eine Erinnerung in den Kalender eintragen, für wenn schon die Hälfte des Plutonium-239, das wir am Tag der AKW-Abschaltung haben, entsorgt sein wird.

Aber Outlook akzeptiert den 15. April im Jahr 26133 nicht als gültiges Datum. Schade.
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Actually my very first AI image creation through the brand new "Stable Diffusion" generator:

Simply the text string "a cyberpunk cityscape" and what my CPU came up with after 12 minutes. It's beautiful! I actually like it!
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Konservative und ihr aktueller Blick auf die Welt:
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Please share:

If you are in # or elsewhere, actions you might take from here to # #:

* organise trips to Polish, Slovakian and Romanian borders. Help the refugees there. What they need the most at the moment: food, clothing, medicine. Bring what you can
* additionally to personal trips, organise these transports in your neighbourhood. In Germany there exist networks, like You can collect cartons here and plan better
* offer your flat/apartment/house for refugees:
* donate money to UNICEF to help Ukrainian children and families: German link, bank from the Netherlands. UNICEF offers agencies worldwide
* resources for refugees from Ukraine and supporters (important, updated, no guarantee about updates and manipulations as its an open document):
* updates about status in Eastern Europe: (Twitter feed, German version. There may exist feeds in other languages)
* contact (German) to offer your help. There exist Ukrainian culture or other associations in your neighbourhood too. You might not know them yet, google them
* join Anonymous and help in the current infowar if you are from IT:
* join demos and peace gatherings. Check if your city offers them already: (German version, there exist overviews for your country too, google them)

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If in 2020 during ongoing pandemic times especially "western civilisation" could please stop acting like complete morons teleported from the year 1933 into our times I would be very, very thankful.

#2020 # #
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DIY CPU benchmarking: Ryzen 7 4800HS and HPL 2.2 - 248.6 GFLOPS! :-p (See my blog post:
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#. (16 photos)
Everyday Household Objects Are Transformed Into Drawings of Spectacular Spacecrafts
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After days of debugging the database (thanks MrPetovan!) and updating SQL statements manually via "Putty", finally I got this Friendica instance to run with latin1 and 2020.03 looks good! :-)
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