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June 7, 2021
Some of my bird whistles sound like “I see you. I see you.” “Sweeeet heart!. Sweeeet heart!.”
I have been whistling some little part of a waltz for the wild birds… " La la~…tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet."
They responded with their own little “tweet, tweet.” (Only male finches sing. The female chirps along.)
Then I played that little bit of the same waltz on my harmonica for them. Well, a flurry of a bird concert started up for a block. Hahahaa!. So sweet. So wonderful! They pass their music along to each other.

I played the real thing for them and they love it very much. I have imagined a wild Finch in New York City singing this Strauss waltz that was passed along from downtown Salt Lake City. However, being mindful of Unintentional Consequences, I wouldn't want to disrupt their natural mating songs. .
Miss Finch to Mr. Finch: "I love you darling, and I want to mate with you, but I don't understand a tweet you're singing."

J. Strauss II: An der schönen blauen Donau, Op.314
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