@Shawn Andrew We have too much of an influence on things. Humans have a bad tendency to over exploit resources and damn the consequences... We've done it many times, but never like now at a global scale...
We've probably got another one hundred years at best.
It's not that simple. Humans, as a part of nature, are bringing most of other living species to extinction with them.
I think we should emphasize the fact that nature as a concept doesn't exist. Humans are part of nature too and the extinction of humanity is in itself as sad as bees extinction.
@Fred Astaire first mistake of everyone with fasioned theories: to not to consider the human as nature (hunger, sleeping and eating are.nature)
This planet will not, figuratively, blink and eye when humans are gone, but all other life will breath a sigh of relief. Humans add zero to nature and nature is all, not humans.
@Shawn Andrew Humans are a part of nature, not separate from it.
@Alien (A23P)
@Fred Astaire
I have to disagree. Humans, while the are a player in the concept we call nature, they are not a required piece of it. It did fine before we ever showed up and will do fine with out us. We have never really learned, as a species, to control our appetite for resources. Conservation, is usually but an after thought.

B ut, being that we are doing so much damage, will other species survive? I'd liek to thnk so. Look at Chernobyl. That was a huge black mark on human history. But, from what I have read and seen, life if coming back even under those extreme conditions.

@Shawn Andrew
I am a little more optimistc than 100 years. But, things will get worse before they get better(if they get better(for humans anyway)).

Here's hoping for a better future!
@Joseph Hogan You have to give context. Humans are subject to a second nature, derived from culture, but the "first" one, the need of food or sleep, remains but as a civilized need this time. As soon as you found the economic and political conditions (the mean to solve your needs), which are not only parties but capitalist ways of thought, acts and transformation of nature, you will see the negation of this needs to the half of population (third world). Look at pacific ocean, full of pollution because of the north-american experiments with massive bombs. It is not about humans, it is about an organized system with names and organizations.
@Subalt dog
While I do agree with the first nature of needing food and sleep. WE also were given a decent size brain to use once food and sleep were taken care of. Many places in the world(not all) have plenty to eat and can have a decent night sleep.

Why do these places also contribute to the over use and abuse of resources?
Those capitalistic nature, well, people always want more than what they have. The capitilstic society does feed this notion, unfortunately.

When will our civilisation catch up with out brain capacity?
Imagine an ecosystem on a smaller more relatable scale (the human body) where a group of cells integral to the system turn hostile towards all others, eventually triggering an irreversible cataclysm. It’s the same dynamic playing out in the larger natural world. We’re in a fever state.
@Shawn Andrew @pianomad
Fever state is a great image... But, the patient keeps making it worse for them selves. Or, at least on of the organisms(humans) does not know how to live well with others🙁
@Shawn Andrew @Joseph Hogan if you argue that the origin of humans is something outside of that which ultimately finds it's origins in nature....
all I can say is I'm all ears and quite curious as to what you mean.

Such said, personally, I've always felt the perspective of "(wo)man" as this entity that was some how outside nature and/or a potential commandant of nature as something that spoke more to the nature (pun intended) of a particular type of psychological egocentricity than to anything about actual nature itself or what nature was/is.
Toward such end, nature takes aspects of it's self in and out all the time. Just seems to be part of what nature does. Modern "(wo)man" seems to have taken in the modern popular to refer to this as the 1st law of thermodynamics.... the "law" itself being little more than a comment by "(wo)man" on the observations of "nature".
@Shawn Andrew @Alien (A23P)
I do not say that humans are outside the of nature. Just the opposite. We are one of many millions of various organisms(large, small and miniscule(baceria and viruses for example) that have lived on planet earth. These organisms rise and fall. We can and will eventually fall too. This is called extinction. Tends to be forever...
@Shawn Andrew @Joseph Hogan
whatever "forever" means =P
but sounds like we concur, man is in fact a part of nature and not separate from it.
it was just your proposal of disagreement that had led me to confusion, as given the simplicity of what I'd said, wasn't sure what there was to what I'd stated that offered much of anything to be disagreed on.
@Shawn Andrew @Alien (A23P)

WE like to think that we are seperate from it all, bt trying to control/conquer nature. We need ot go back to the time when people learned to live WITH nature and harnessing its power, instead of trying to be master all the time...

Forever - Jurassic Park for ever 😉
We are a species with too much self consciousness, too much inventiveness and have tried to subjugate nature to our needs. Nature doesn't work that way. It was not designed to be deforested, purged of marine life and land species at the rate that has been occurring. Everything is part of a 'jigsaw puzzle' which has its place. Take away that piece and you get imbalances.
Nature is like a finely tuned musical instrument.
Biodiversity always regenerated after mass extinctions in the past. Even an asteroid which virtually made the planet barren couldn't stop the durability of life.
Nature will slowly recover once we're gone but again it depends on the damage sustained. However it seems like we're capable of doing more damage than an asteroid.
Nature is a healing force. I can go up into the Blue Mountains, about 30 minutes from where I live, and the stress just evaporates.
What happens when areas become more urbanised, more blocks of concrete which just reverberate the sounds of traffic and other noises ?
@Shawn Andrew This is exactly what I meant. Find better ways to work with in natures way of thinking. Homes and ways of getting around need to be rethought and improved. Self drivign cars are need/cute and maybe even useful to a point. But, it will just lead to more garbage that will not be recycled, reused of repurposed and leaving more of a mess...
Joseph Hogan
Yeah, this planet was not designed to sustain 8 billion plus hunter gatherers each seeking their own twigs, food and shelter.
@Shawn Andrew If all th epeople were doing just that, hunter an dgathers living a decnt but not over indulging, the planet woudl survive. But, we use far more than what we need, and even more than what the planet can sustain.

WE use too much stuff.
I was using the term in a figurative sense. That's what we were originally and not this gorging, greedy species taking more than we require.