It’s not your PC, It’s Microsoft’s PC

I use my PC for critical stuff, often in front of an audience. My config is solid and it should not move an inch.
Using windows10 is just like playing on stage with a drunk guy that you cannot kick out, you never know if his beer is going to fry your amplifier and it's up to chance to decide!

Forced updates don't tell you what's up, sometimes you find out that useless stuff that you had uninstalled is installed back, sometimes you realize the pilot of your important hardware has been disabled.

My solution: although I own a legitimate copy of WIN10, the only way to work correctly has been to install a pirate stripped down lite version of WIN10 on a separate partition (which is a safety problem). I expected to gain in stability but I'm stunned to realize that this version is SO MUCH faster! This means that all the bloat that you cannot uninstall on a regular WIN10 is needlessly decreasing your computer performance and this has an impact in terms of cost and pollution! #

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@Jean-Baptiste Majabo I know linux very well and that's why having to stick with WIn10 is so frustrating! Every 5 years I run the latest distro to check if it can meet my special needs but alas I still have to moan about WIN for a while..
@HDKW @Jean-Baptiste Majabo Have you thought of trying a Linux distro and running a Windows VM within it?
I know the feeling… That's planned obsolescence. They use those nasty updates to force you to buy a new computer little by little.

I switched to Linux in 2010, if my memory serves me well. I bought my current desktop computer in 2013, and it still works fast and smoothly, as if it was new.
@Lillia Collins Yes I tried everything already..