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How Trump Sealed the GOP’s Suicide
How Trump Sealed the GOP’s Suicide
@Paul Ferguson Its true, their party is going to fall from this kakistocratic ideal.
I dunno, I’ve heard about their demise a few times in the past.
They still have tens of millions of deluded, paranoid racists to mobilize into their new hate and fear campaigns.
@Doug Senko I agree. People should be under no illusion that even if the Dems take the White House and The Senate, the hard core right-wing Republican ideologists aren't going to just strike camp and go home. It is an ever vigilant fight to uphold truth, justice, human decency, and some semblance of representative democracy.
Trouble is, they're taking the country with them. What does recovery from this shambles look like? How is it going to happen? Can it happen at all?
It’s not suicide it’s murder-suicide.
The good news is that the Republican Party may never win the popular vote again (except in local, Senate and House races). The bad news is they know this (they've seen it coming for a while) and that's why they're doing everything they can to render the vote meaningless. I think @Doug Senko and @Paul Ferguson are right: Just because they can't govern legitimately doesn't mean they won't continue to govern. The people who compose the GOP and their puppet masters aren't going away, and they aren't going to surrender their grip on power willingly. Unless a Democratic administration, in combination with a Democratic Congress, can (and are willing to) pass strong laws strictly limiting the kinds of influence the wealthy hold over our system, the system, at its core, will remain rotten.
[fingers crossed]
The problem with this is that people are viewing things through a lens of reason and a world where rules apply. We keep hearing, 'he can't do that,' or 'it can't happen here.'

Trump is not an outlier. Trump is the embodiment of the GOP - incompetent, corrupt, ill-informed on critical issues, and willing to cheat to remain the dominant force in American government.

Far too many Democrats (HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NANCY PELOSI) seem to think that everything goes back to 'normal' and a golden age of bipartisan felicity will dawn on January 20, 2021.

But pay attention. Everything Trump has done is based on him throwing temper tantrums about how unfair things are, how everyone's cheating America, how they all owe us money, how he knows 'all about' issues when it's clear he doesn't, and that the administration and GOP Congress have been reduced to babysitters.

This is why any political fate the GOP has crafted for itself comes with immense splash damage and consequences America may not survive, not only domestically, but internationally.
Bob Lai